Brand story
A winter morning of 1827, a loud ringing of the baby crying sound awakened a small village on the outskirts of Berlin, Germany, the old carpenter hargreaves speer was born a kid, this is popular in Germany after the piano manufacturing GustafHagspiel.At a young age he talented, very small began to fiddle with his father's carpentry tools, under his father's precept, at the age of more than ten is already known little carpenter, pieces of fine arts and crafts is born out of his hand, but he has a dream that has been hidden in the bottom of my heart, this is the dream drove him continuously enterprising, hard study, made to his family named after the famous piano brand - hargreaves speer (HAGSPIEL).
Holding the broad ideal and ambition in 1845 with the support of his family he traveled to Italy to learn piano manufacturing.After six years of study and practice experience he was filled with the confidence of the business and a lot of new idea, made from instruments returned to his hometown, capital opened a small workshops, day and night in this workshop to create his childhood dream.Finally get you pay for a few years, in 1851 with the help of his father with his love of the piano heart began his first with hargreaves speer (HAGSPIEL), named after the piano piano manufacturing furniture type.In the following years, the small workshop become a factory with more than 10 technical staff.
1862 GustafHagspiel dutifully outside eisenberg, annual output eighty units.GustafHagspiel and his technical staff with enthusiasm of piano production, they dream to create the world unique high-grade piano, piano artist and eager to deduce the pursuit of artistic essence of piano music lovers, so very demanding on the material selection and production of the piano, it is this meticulous dedication, rigorous Germanic their piano sound sweet, rich layers has won numerous pianist and piano music lovers.
JosephHagspiel took over the piano production in 1883, on the basis of predecessors' into a new design concept, through frequent communication with piano artist, hargreaves speer piano won a qualitative leap.Subsequent years, bought a 80 people making factory, and absorb their advanced experience in making guitars, hargreaves speer piano whatever has been great progress in terms of quality and scale, far ahead in the peer.On technological innovation, continuous innovation, including vertical and grand piano structures for the new study: the same delicate cast steel castanet will use fixed thrust bearing, the oscillation of instruments within such will not be any obstacles;Another improvement is on the "homogeneous" soundboard, each piece of independent boards are placed and must be able to coordinate, the strings of the suspension to be accurately adjust well, in this way can hammer in do not break down to beat the strings on accuracy, so as to achieve the best sound quality.This important invention to become a piano is of epoch-making significance in the history of, will be the development of piano manufacturing to a height.Due to very demanding on the selection of the piano in the meticulous production, to treat each piano perfectly, so keep production at 1000 units a year, hargreaves speer piano is to make home technology and guitarist of the model of perfect combination of art.
World war II, in order to avoid the war factories have to stop production, Joseph Hagspiel took his family to Florida, and open a piano workshop and music center which taken over by Anthony Hagspiel. As a result of the limitation of conditions, HAGSPIEL piano only contented with self-marketing,  but system of family inheritance, the process continues.It was not until 1988 that JohnHagspiel in order to revive the glory of the family returned to Germany with making technology, Germany HAGSPIE eisenberg site weight.
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